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The top ten reasons why we can’t wait for new episodes of “Parks and Recreation.”

By Gina Pusateri

The crew is coming back!

This year is going to be awesome.

Besides the birth of this awesome blog (and the fact that I will finally lose 20 pounds—off my arms—with my new Shake Weight, this coming year promises some bodacious pop culture events. Breaking Dawn: Part INatalie Portman winning the Best Actress Oscar for Black Swan. Another inevitable Lindsay Lohan rehab stint (am I going to get sued for saying that?).

Nothing, however, is as highly anticipated as the pro-longed return of the best comedy on television, “Parks and Recreation.”

For reasons beside the fact that NBC programming execs apparently hate their viewers enough to pull “Parks” from returning during the fall season in favor of the mediocre-if-not-loathed “Outsourced,” it’s been nearly eight months since the last episode aired. This is a tragedy for anyone who loves to laugh.

Fortunately for all of us who do love to laugh, we need only wait until Thursday, Jan. 20. Here are the top ten reasons to look forward to its long awaited premiere:

10. Rumored guest stars such as Parker PoseyWill Forte, and Megan Mullally. Guest stars are always fun if they’re given the right parts to play. Take for example Mullally’s first appearance as Ron’s evil ex-wife, Tammy.  Let’s just hope Gwyneth Paltrow steers clear…

Pouty April face ... not so rare

9. Andy/April: Will they/won’t they drama. After waiting the whole season for some gratification of their funny, super-cute chemistry, we were finally rewarded with … well kind of a cliffhanger. Yes, there was a kiss. But there was also a lot of pouty April face.

8. Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt. I love me some Adam Scott, and now that Starz pulled “Party Down” (sad face), I got to get my fix somewhere. And for some reason watching Leap Year just doesn’t cut it.

7. Rob Lowe as Chris Traeger. It’s impressive that in only two episodes of the second season, Rob Lowe had just as many well-delivered one-liners as the show’s veteran cast members. (One stand out: “Scientists believe that the first human being to live 150 years has already been born. I believe I am that human being.”) Expect nothing but greatness from this character.

Friends don’t let friends get Hillary Clinton haircuts.

6. Leslie and Ann: BFFS 4EVA. The relationship that Leslie and Ann have is absolutely touching. Ann knows Leslie is eccentric, and sometimes needy – and she loves her for it.

Unfortunately, there’s a real lack of female camaraderie on television these days, especially in comedies. Women in sitcoms often seem to only exist within their relationships with men. Other times women are more “frenemies” than actual friends, who often get jealous and fight over a man or a job (but mostly a man). “Parks and Rec” doesn’t fall into either one of these categories, thus filling this tragic void.

5. Mouse Rat. Besides going through a plethora of hysterical band names (including Scarecrow Boat, Fiveskin, Ninja Dick, Puppy Pendulum, and Teddy Bear Suicide), Mouse Rat is known to get down and play some really dope shows at senior homes.

4. Pawnee. Maybe it’s just because I’m from the Midwest that I love seeing a show take place so close to home. Or maybe it’s because the town of Pawnee is a character in itself—from the (sometimes politically incorrect) murals in the halls of City Hall to the evil employees at the Pawnee Library. Although in Indiana, there’s something so spot-on about the portrayal of the little town and the small government it takes to run it that makes this fictional town seem like it could be anywhere in the Mid-West. At any rate, Pawnee rocks — pit or no pit.

"Ron Swanson" by Norman Dapito

3. Tom Haverford. Aziz Ansari’s Tom is hilarious in his lady-crazy/smart-ass way, and it was good to see how the writers fleshed out his character with the failure of his green card marriage in season two. His scenes with Detlef Schrempf in the “Telethon” episode were some of the funniest of the series.

2. Ron SwansonEnough said.

1. Leslie Knope. The show would obviously not be as amazing as it is without Amy Poehler starring as Knope. In the first season, writers tried to fashion Knope as a Michael Scott, and it wasn’t entirely successful. It wasn’t until the second season that Poehler finally helped develop Knope into her own one-of-a-kind character. She is the heart of the entire show, and it’s impossible not to look forward to another season of Leslie Knope’s positively endearing efforts to change the world—one Pawnee park at a time.

– Gina Pusateri